Your Shine Wears Off

by Birdheart

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"Your Shine Wears Off" was written and recorded in San Francisco between January - August '11. Share it. Spread music love. Thanks for listening.


released August 15, 2011

All sounds by Deniz Kuypers. Drums on "Demon" by Jas Langdon.



"This is quite a tricky album with a good combination of different styles. Most tracks are relatively short maintaining good acoustic / indie except for [Lost Cosmonaut] which is my favourite track on this album purely based on the drone part and [Every Night We Talked About Our Dream] for its ambient, classical touch.
[Your Shine Wears Off] is more like two bands playing. [Robot Girl] to [Your Memory Remains in This Snowy Place] will most certainly attract indie/ acoustic listeners while [Lost Cosmonaut] to [Your Heart Holds the Whole World] will gather drone, experimental, ambient and ambient-classical fans all the way. Tricky listen indeed and totally worthy. GET IT." (The Siren's Sound)

"Half singer/songwriter acoustic noodling and half instrumental ambience, it’s really a joy to listen to. The album eases you in with lullaby Robotgirl, before kicking in to the rollicking Demon which gets better with each listen. From then on the album settles down, serenading you with Flaming Lips-esque guitar and hauntingly melodical vocals. There’s no better example of this than on the third track, Mare, which features spoken word reminiscent of The Cribs’ Lee Ranaldo assisted Be Safe.

Kuypers seems readily eager to experiment and have fun with his music, and the second half of the album sees him really embrace this experimental nature, with a completely instrumental and ambient sound. Though not as immediately accessible as the first half, the album’s high point comes from the beautifully melancholic closing track Your Heart Hold The Whole World, where swooning strings meet forlorn keys, creating a backing track for your own love story, your own heartbreak. On occasion, the instrumental tracks leave you yearning for words, but here you’re encouraged to speak your own and it’s a fitting end to a very good album." (Another F*cking Music Blog)

"Birdheart’s Your Shine Wears Off is a nice balance of indie rock, folk and spoken word. It’s a little creepy, but in that good Halloween way." (The DaDaDa)



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Birdheart San Francisco, California

Birdheart is the mostly-solo project of Deniz Kuypers. Originally from Amsterdam, he spent much of his youth traveling across Europe before moving to the US in '02. He currently resides in San Francisco. Working for years as a traveling software salesman, he wrote music in hotel rooms, airports and the backseats of taxi cabs until finally properly recording and releasing them. ... more

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Track Name: Demon
I'm a demon in the sky that you look at from your bedroom window at night / I'm the next act / I'm the next step / I'm the big picture that you don't see / I'm a forward motion in slow motion or stop motion / Take me outside / Come on and hug me / Come on and haunt me / I don't want a piece but forever and now / Your ghost has left town but I'm still around so come and show me all the love I know you want to / Take me outside / Show me all the love that you promised me / Or else kill me now
Track Name: Mare
Mountains rise and fall and I don't know at all why we come and go or go to next / When all is said and done and something else begun / Someone new to be and new to me too / I knew distant change but my heart it didn't change / Take the doctors away / One summer away from one more perfect day, but I'm no perfect thing / Mountains rise and fall and I don't know at all if I'll ever be where you go to sleep / But it feels like we will be alright
Track Name: Horse
I don't think I know if all the places we could go are ever understood or heard / What I wanted the most was for my dreams to stay close / But they kept away like unsaid words / In the midst of everything is this small wonder that you bring / But it's turning me into someone else / When there's nothing to forget surely there's nothing to regret / We're halves of have and wants of whole / I scattered my heart in every corner of the world / And I don't know how I'm ever going to get it back / Is there something I don't see / Something I should maybe see / When you move in patterns I can't trace? / You say I've moved my heart through a window in the dark to a place that even I can't touch